Career Expo Branding

Saskatoon's Largest Indigenous Youth Career Expo! It was an honour to work with Saskatoon Tribal Council on this project and the event was a success! View some photos I took when I peeked into the event.

Logo and Poster Design

The Future is Yours Career Expo logo was an adaptation of an older logo using elements from the previous logo but completely new style, fonts and colours. We reused the feather to keep some common element and the stars we did in a rough style to go with the font. The Client wanted something that would appeal to youth which is why we chose to go with vivid colours, distressed fonts and a space theme.

Bus Advertisement

Above is the first concept which we really like because it's simple and clean. The second and chosen concept is below with the photos of youth. We used these images on the website and facebook so the client wanted to see if it would work on the bus ad too and it did. Either ad works. The photos of youth make it more clear who the target is and the one without faces is really clean drawing your attention to the website. 

Responsive Website

The Client needed a website up and running fast so we chose a cloud-based platform to build on to avoid the process of custom code. The design is template driven in this case. It worked out really well and it comes with a really easy-to-learn content management system so that the Client has full access to their content.

We created a simple moving space background video to add a bit of depth. There is a fall-back image for mobile if the video is too heavy.

This site was created within a week which is fast for website creation!

Visit the live site:

Web Ads

600 x 400 pixels  |  300 x 250 pixels

Social Media Templates

We created editable PDF templates to give the Client freedom to add and change their text. Here are some of the twitter, facebook, linked in and instagram templates.


Banner Designs for the Career Expo

Passport Booklet

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