Thanks for working with me; and so beautifully translating my vision!
— Lydia Ievleva, Soul in Motion

Stationary Design for Soul in Motion Counselling Services

Soul in Motion is a brand created by Lydia, a counsellor, coach, workshop facilitator and author of “Imagine: Using mental imagery to reach your full potential”. Lydia came to us to update her logo without drifting too far from her original designs. So we kept the dolphin, changed the fonts and colours + added a wavy strip through the logo for motion. We continued the water motion feel through-out her brand which you can see on her cards, letterhead and website design.

We started with the logo and website, then the business card and letterhead.


Custom Designed Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) WordPress Website


Soul in Motion's Book & Audio Page

And the Workshop Page is showcased on the laptop. Client has the ability to choose from 3 backgrounds to create different sections on the page, as well as highlight bubbles. The site uses Parallax code so the watery background moves at a different speed than the rest of the content.


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