There is something about designing for events that always gets me super pumped.

I often wonder why event design is more fulfilling than other work and I've come to this conclusion — more creativity, colour and vision. Event organizers often have a theme, purpose or vision for their event whereas clients looking for a brochure or website for their business often don't know where to begin and send incomplete content lacking in vision or clarity.

Your Vision Can Be Inspiring

It is difficult for the Designer to be inspired and get excited about the client's project when the client lacks excitement themselves... or maybe they ARE excited but haven't taken the time to think through their message. The Designer’s main job is to make the art piece (print, web, fabric, etc) look great while delivering a message to it's veiwer. While we do our absolute best to help our clients with all that we can, our job is NOT to craft their mission statement, nor are we creative writers or copy editors (although we do both these things frequently). This is where designing for event comes out on top — more time for actual creative design and less time trying to yank the content from the client.

Your vision is inspiration for our creativity within the project so don't overlook your part in the creative process, it's invaluable!

More Freedom

A lot of designs I have worked on for events & classes have been pro-bono work. And because of this, the recipient is typically so overjoyed to have the work donated, they allow the designer the freedom to get creative! Sadly, many paid projects come with strings attached — when money is involved the client feels more pressure to control the project and hence, the need to tell the designer what to do. Unknowingly by trying to art direct, the client stunts the creative talent and the results are not as stunning. The client is better off to explain the FEELING or RESPONSE they'd like their marketing piece to envoke. Something this designer is learning to do is share with clients how to get the best results.

Trust Your Designer

I was reading "how to (and not to) work with a Designer" by Daniel Will-Harris, and he puts it well: "Designers aren’t just people who can use graphics programs, and if you treat them that way, they will become people who just want to receive a cheque". Your Designer won’t just be thinking about the paycheque when they are a trusted part of your team. How do you show that you trust your Designer? Don’t micromanage. Don’t tell them exactly what the design should look like before they’ve begun. Give them some creative freedom. After they have shown you concepts, if there is something you don’t like, tell them what and why and then be willing to listen to their advice. You hired them for more than their ability to use the graphics software!

Events Are Just Plain Fun

Lastly, designing for events is just plain fun! An event is something planned, with a deadline, a beginning and an end... having defined deadlines, planned out themes, and pretty straight-forward content, makes it easier to make the magic happen! Plus we get to use more colour. As you will probably notice, I do love colour :) So yes please to event designs, posters, postcards, facebook ads and more. Just don't expect it to be a pro-bono project (I need to eat too).

Here are some past event designs I've had the priveledge of working on. And yes, some of the designs were for my own events too!

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